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How we’ll support your new franchise management business

Running a successful franchise management business (especially a new one) is bound to throw up challenges, some bigger than others, and you won’t always know how to overcome them. What you can do is call us.

We’re here not only to support you through the start-up stage, but also going forward as you seek to establish and grow your business. So, if there’s an issue that’s causing you a serious headache, we’ll work with you to find a solution. head of franchising, Bev Regan, was herself a highly successful franchisee for the best part of two decades, having started and grown a number of investment businesses. Since then, Bev has helped many franchisees to achieve greater efficiency, profitability and growth. Who better to act as your dedicated source of source of support to help start and run your franchise management business?

Other members of our franchise support team – including founders Nick Bizley and Will Davies – boast similar expertise when it comes to starting, running and growing a successful business. You and your franchise management business can benefit from their knowledge and experience, helping you to avoid pitfalls, overcome problems and get on with growing your business.

You’re bound to lack some technical knowledge too, especially to begin with. Indeed, unless you are a tradesman, why would you have such knowledge? Once again, we can help to answer your technical queries to ensure you can provide estimates and make the right choices, not matter how complex the job. All you need do is call us and we’ll put you through to the relevant trade head who will provide the technical knowledge you need.

Furthermore, our head of call centre will be able to help you with any customer-related issues and you’ll be able to seek advice from our logistics manager if, for example, you have any vehicle-related issues. You can also expect full support from our IT, finance and accounts experts, freeing you up to concentrate on running and growing your franchise management business.