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Bev Regan has experience as a franchisee herself and developing two international franchise brands

There are very few people better qualified to support a network of franchisees than Bev Regan, head of franchise development at Bev has been a successful franchisee in her own right, before going on to provide franchise development for franchisors of two international brands in the UK.

Bev commented: “I have been in the franchise industry for quite a while… the majority of which was spent as a franchisee building up and then selling my own business. I then went on to grow and support the UK franchise networks of two large global brands, one following best practice, the other supporting difficult and troubled franchisees. is also about best practice. Will and Nick have sound morals creating a brand with passion and values, a franchise that I am proud to be a part of.”

Bev was not just another franchisee, over 19 years she built up (what was when she sold it) one of the most successful franchise of the entire UK network of over 60 franchisees. Asked to share the secrets to her success Bev commented, “I was among the first network investors. I built up my business quickly and consistently, focusing on increasing turnover and profitability becoming one of the network’s most successful members. I acted as a mentor too, sharing my knowledge with other franchisees, while helping the franchisor to improve their business. It was a very busy time!” she smiles.

Based in London, Bev is happily married with one son. She enjoys traveling, socialising, dining out, cooking, relaxing with her family, reading and listening to music. “Only problem is I don’t get much spare time – I enjoy work too much!” she laughs.

Bev joined in 2011, working to bring forward the franchise model personally developed by Jim Zockoll, the famous founder of Dyno-Rod – a  franchise he personally built up to sell for £57M to British Gas in 2004…
So what advice does Bev offer to someone thinking of investing in “Be sure you have the necessary qualities to run your own franchise management business. All good partnerships start with an exchange of information. Just as we need to be sure that you’re the right person for our franchisee network, you must be sure it’s right for you. We need to be the right partner for each other.”