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Our systems will make your life easier

Our support systems have been designed to make life much easier for members of our franchise network. Our call centre is a great example of this in action.

Here, high volumes of customer calls will be answered on your behalf and converted into customer bookings– just think how much of your time will be saved as a result. Details are taken and client queries professionally dealt with, saving you the trouble.

Appointments are booked onto the bespoke Cloud business management system and confirmation is sent to your appropriate engineer, who is able to keep track of their work schedule via their PDA (personal digital assistant).

Once the job has been completed to the customer’s full satisfaction, the system receives confirmation via the engineer’s PDA. Payment is taken via credit card by your engineer and our finance team will automatically issue a receipt, once again saving you time and effort.

The business management systems can also save you time and effort when an estimate is requested. When visiting the prospective customer’s home or premises to find out what work is required, you enter the details into the system and our estimating team will send the estimate to your customer copying you. systems will send reminders to your customer, once accepted the team will contact you to collect the deposit and schedule the work and purchase materials with the customer. Your engineers can be scheduled via their PDA’s from the office.

Training does not end when you start your franchise business. Our head of franchising, Bev Regan will work with you to help you reach the targets in your business plan, providing tailored support around your personal requirements. When an operational situation occurs that leaves you and your engineers unsure as to what to do, a simple call to the relevant trade head will provide you with guidance on the various routes you could take.

There is support on every element of your business including IT, finance, tax and HR, because we believe in fully supporting members of our franchise network. Whatever problem you encounter, we will try our very best to help you find a solution.