management franchise opportunities

Get off to a great start

Starting a business with a proven template means that you have a clear route to follow, which avoids wasting time, money and energy. The startup programme includes full training and a launch marketing campaign ensuring you have the knowledge, tools and confidence to grow your new business as quickly as possible.

Once a commencement date has been set for your new business we will create a four week personlised training programme covering all aspects of the business both Financial and Operational. This starts with at least one week here at our headquarters in London giving you plenty of time to get to know the franchise support team as well as the trade heads and call centre team. The training includes guidance on establishing your own network of high-calibre engineers and tradesmen. 
The four-week training period includes one week when you will be accompanied by one of our experts out on the road in your territory, supporting you to estimate for real prospective customers. The aim is to help you refine the procedures you were introduced to in training.  We appreciate that everyone faces different challenges as they grow their business and therefore provide you with ongoing support tailored to your skills/requirements.